Turning Over A New Leaf

A new social media management and website design agency has sprouted up in Winnipeg. Green Leaf Social Media is helping small businesses and start-ups succeed while growing young talent.

A Good Problem

“Green Leaf was born out a good problem at VineMultimedia,” said founder Joseph Ranseth (pictured right) in a recent interview with CJOB’s Dahlia Kurtz. Joseph_Ranseth

“[At Vine], we deal with a higher-end client…small businesses and start-ups have lower budgets and weren’t a fit for our business model. But there was a demand to provide [social media marketing] services.”

Ranseth wasted no time, “taking Vine’s best practices and processes and putting them into a more accessible model.”

Not So Green On The Vine

Shelby OlsonTo lead the new venture, Ranseth picked Winnipeg entrepreneur and marketing superstar Shelby Olson (pictured left).

At the age of 18, Olson is social media marketing veteran.

“I started at Vine in high school, as a marketing intern” says Olson. “I met Joseph at a Ramp Up Manitoba event. He invited me to join the team. I was thrown into client work.”

Olson’s title now? Green Leaf account manager and business developer.

Competitive Advantage for Small Business

“Shelby has incredible drive and determination,” affirms Ranseth. “She reflects where business is going today.”

“Technology is doubling every 18 months. Consumers are demanding authenticity and quicker response times. Businesses need to do both through different channels. Shelby gives Green Leaf clients that competitive advantage.”

Olson notes, “Small businesses are agile and customer-centric, commanding greater brand loyalty. As they grow, they need to retain the personal touch. That’s where Green Leaf comes in.”

Commitment to Community

Green Leaf is committed to community. As an Innovate Manitoba’s Social Media HERO Sponsor, the company supports events and programs for entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry innovation.

“We are excited to be working to help the Manitoba entrepreneurial community. This is an exciting time in Winnipeg’s startup scene and we look forward to sharing its successes and journey,” says Ranseth.

Olson, Ranseth, and the Green Leaf team invite small businesses and start-ups to connect and grow with them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 4.57.12 PM


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