Q & A with Winnipeg Good Deeds

Winnipeg Good Deeds is a Facebook group established in March 2015. Members number nearly 1,300. Posts include acts of kindness, calls for volunteers and donations, local artists and events notices and community business reviews. NO NEGATIVITY is permitted.

Winnipeg Good DeedsGroup founder and administrator Jordynn Friesen (below left) shares her vision of the Winnipeg Good Deeds movement…

JordynnWhat inspired you to start the group?

Too many times I’ve noticed people complaining about how terrible our city is, and how terrible the people here are. People are quick to judge others, and automatically assume the worst.
There are a lot of amazing people in our city that go unnoticed. I wanted a way to shed light on them.

Can anyone join? Is there a screening process?

Anyone can join. I tried to keep it geared to people in Winnipeg, but I’ve had people be inspired by the page and join from other cities just to see the positive posts.

What is your best good deed experience?Cecil

I can’t really pinpoint a best good deed because I don’t feel that there can be a scale for that kind of thing. I always say it’s in the little things…every act of kindness small or big can have huge impact.  For example, Winnipeg artist Brian Gasenzer, who created a ’Cecil the Lion’ mural on his garage (pictured right).

What have you learned from your experience with the group?

I’ve learned that there are a lot of warm-hearted people in our city… although I always knew this. I always had faith in humanity no matter how dark things might seem. Having this group has really just become proof for what I already knew. I think that’s amazing though… because now everyone else gets to see my vision of Winnipeg.

What does the future hold for Winnipeg Good Deeds?

I’d like for the group to eventually be a well-known page in the city… so when someone sees something that makes them smile that day they go “I need to post this on Winnipeg Good Deeds.”


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