When Faith Gets Caked with Love

Looking back, I can see the connections now. This experience is stretching me so much, learning as I go. I don’t know where it will take me. I’m living in faith, and I know the outcome is going to be great.

Marvic Abarra, age 26, Co-Owner Caked with Love Co.

Marvic Caked with LoveThis story is so unbelievable it should be movie. And Marvic Abarra is so unbelievably kind and authentic that he would deserve every profit.

Passion for The Bean

Opening scene in 2010. Marvic discovers a passion for coffee and serving people while working as a student at the University of Manitoba.

“I loved the fast pace and interacting with customers. It was a dream job. People said my coffee was great and I should have own place.”

Dream Caked with LoveCut to 2012. A wide-eyed Geography grad from ‘Peg City chases a city planning dream in Lotusland, Vancouver, with no success.

The heartbreak of having to return home contrasting with the joy of returning to work at the coffee shop. Café ownership foreshadowing. Cue the self-doubt scene and slow, contemplative music.

“I felt like a failure. I had worked so hard. I questioned my purpose in life. But I was so happy to go back to the coffee shop.”


Then the midpoint. A home-based business and a full-time job. In March 2015, another obstacle. A pending layoff.

Keep the Faith Caked with Love“I was told I could lose my job in a few months. A light bulb went off. I made a vow to never work for someone else again.” The café dream lives.

A meeting with his friend and engineer-come-baker Eileen Manalo seals the deal. “You know, baked goods and coffee go together.” The café dream is suddenly twice as strong.


Friends suggest Marvic pick up a used espresso machine in April to hone his craft. Like jackpot-winning lottery numbers, the first item in a Kijiji search is an actual café. Close-up and cue the awakening music.

“We had a calling. We were so excited and scared at the same time. We prayed, asking God if this chain of events was meant to be. Our pastors, our families encouraged us.”

Flashes Good vibes Cake with Loveof activity as the music builds. Marvic and Eileen enter the café for the first time, to find the decor matches their company logo.

“We both wanted to back out of even looking at the place, we were so scared. But we didn’t want to let each down. We walked in and immediately felt positive vibes.”


Marvic and Eileen quit their jobs and work at a frenzied pace with friends and family to open.

“Neither of us had a traditional business background. We put our trust in God’s plan and He gave us the strength to move forward.”

Panning shot of a sunlight-filled room, tables of smiling, laughing, eclectic Corydon Avenue customers, rainbow trays of sumptuous baking. Bright, giant prints from local photographers Rainbow Caked With Loveadorn the back wall.

Wall Caked With Love“A lot of people settle for less than they deserve. They tell them themselves, ‘Well, I guess that’s it and I have to be ok with it.’ They never go after their dreams. We stepped into the unknown.”

Triumphant piano music fades to roll credits.

“My heart is serving people. It is a blessing and I have to take care of it. I hope that our story can inspire someone to pursue their dream.”

Mission statement: Caked with Love Co. is passionate about coffee, cake and people. We are a cornerstone café and cakery that serves carefully handcrafted espresso drinks, yummy, cakey treats made with extra love, and a daily dose of encouragement. Our goal is to provide an inviting and welcoming place to relax. Supporting local artists and businesses, Caked with Love Co. understands the importance of community and will strive to brighten everyone’s day with a friendly “hello” and a warm smile.

Grateful Cake with LoveAll photos except first photo courtesy of Caked with Love Co.


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