Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Hello everyone! I’ve signed up for WordPress’ “Blogging 101.”

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

The best explanation is my Twitter profile , because I started on Twitter about the same time as my blog, not quite a year ago.

Passionate about writing. Foodaholic. Late-nite cookie baker. PR under-bulldog meets cat lady. Kill ’em with kindness. Toute stweet. For the pun of it.

Yes, I am passionate about writing. I have maintained a community correspondent column in a local neighbourhood newspaper for more than four years on a freelance basis.

I am restricted to my area for content. No school, no community centre, no resident’s association. Each month is a creative challenge that I relish. I research, pitch, interview, photograph, write, in addition to a regular full-time job.

That is the main reason for starting my blog. I continue to come across stories I can’t use. I want to bring profile to the little guy. People and projects flying under the radar of mainstream media.

Foodaholic is pretty self-explanatory. I love to eat. I have been told on several occasions that I “really get into” my food. When I was a child, I took so long to eat my lunch the classroom monitors turned my desk to face a corner because they thought I was spending too much time talking versus eating. It didn’t make a difference. I savour my food. Here’s some sushi from my favourite spot, Meiji.


I also love to cook, the less of a recipe the better. Hence late-nite cookies. If they don’t turn out, I blame it on the hour.

PR under-bulldog is a reference to PR underdog. On Twitter and in my blog, I enjoy getting the word out about people and organizations not currently in the media. The bulldog piece means I don’t let go of a story.

And yes, I am a cat lady. Ann is 15 1/2 and lives with arthritis and kidney disease. My whole life I wanted a cat. Due to allergies, I could not have one. Finally my husband surprised me with the Fudgeford more than ten years ago. I adore her. Irresistible white belly.

Ann yawning

Kill’em with kindness means that I believe in being kind and considerate. It’s a pretty strong leg to stand on when faced with opposition.

Toute stweet is a play on words in French, “toute suite”, pronounced toot-sweet, which means “right away,” and well, there’s the pun.

Winnipeg Arts, Hearts and Smarts is about the little guy. In Winnipeg. Doing cool creative stuff, doing good for others, and takin’ care of business.

I look forward more of WAHS’up stories this year. Keep sharing and reading as I make my way through Blogging 101!



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