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Introduction: I completed Blogging 101 in February 2016. One assignment was to start a regular blog feature, another was to take part in a blogging event. Two birds, one stone. Pretty darn efficient for a Wednesday, eh?

1. So excited to discover a blog-in-the-making! Day 1= Broadway theme + four posts. Day 2 = Sketch theme + two posts. By student, fitness and fashion maven Celeste Petrick Lifestyle Fashion.  I prefer the Broadway theme for highlighting the energizing images dominating the posts so far.

2. Down Uneven Pavements Discovering Life Off the Beaten Path also uses the Broadway theme. Author is a recent photography school grad.

I am loving A tourist in my own city post. Hope “destinations” become regular features. Towns and cities are constantly morphing. Big-name clothiers take over past dive-bars. Grand, stately brick monuments to national retail barons torn down to build a hockey arena.

Osborne street festival.jpg

So much energy all you can do is focus on your little piece of the world and try to keep up. Reminds me of a poem that has moved me for years Out in the City.

3. The Fine Game of Nil  is deliciously dark and eerie, founded on excerpts from a recent book release with the same title. Local places and faces are mixed in and mixed up telling tales of impulse and death.

The Fine Game of NilThe author’s invitation is irresistible:

This site will be a place of death, torture and hopelessness. A place where those thoughts of depravity will have a place to live free. I will spit up whatever sludge is found in the pits of my mind and translate it into words…Don’t be afraid to hit the follow button, the like button or to leave a comment. All are appreciated. All are welcomed.

Welcome to Winnipeg. Enjoy our world.


2 thoughts on “WAHS’up Reads

  1. Oh how I wish I had the time tonight to follow all those links and learn more about what you love about your city through the eyes of local bloggers you follow. Don’t you find that locals tell the best stories about their (our) beloved cities? Hope to make it back here in the next few days for a peek at one or two of them at least. Thank you for the introduction. I so enjoy finding exciting new bloggers.

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