Plan D Art Exhibition & Sale: Programme de D

It’s every gallery owners’ nightmare. Six weeks prior to an exhibition, your featured artist cancels. The show is scheduled to open April 1, but this was no April Fools’.

“There’s always a solution,” says cre8ery Executive Director Jordan Miller. “Plan B wasn’t ready, Plan C was too busy! 12 hours later thanks to a fabulous crew of 18 cre8ery members ‘Plan D‘ was formed and confirmed.”

The cre8ery is a Winnipeg art gallery, located in the historic Exchange District.  Owned and operated by Jordan Miller, it is a membership-based business, offering studio rental space, classes and workshops, and ongoing exhibitions.

For ‘Plan D’, Jordan carefully selected various artists for their voices in art and their strength in character. These artists have joined together to bring a diverse mix of unique pieces.

From shadow boxes, to illustrations, abstract paintings, mixed media, mandalas, digital paintings, photography, ceramics, and sculpture, the exhibition offers fresh, new creations.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.08.31 PM“Blue Fallen Reverie” by Sonya Topaz Joyal

‘Plan D’ Artists include: Jordan Miller, Sari Habiliuk, Dave Swiecicki, Sarah Neville, Steve Jorgenson, Bernard Ferguson, Yvette Hawkes, Darlene Drewniak, Noella Hanan, Kristi-Marie Chech, Sonya Joyal, Robert Coulter, Michael Joyal, Dan Hawksworth, Cindy Garrioch, Lynda Gilchuk, Jo Holmes & Marilyn Folson.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.33.16 PM.png

Jo Holmes, pictured above, explores rarely visited corners, camera in hand, searching for truth in the light. Images are entitled ‘Rampart Reflection’, ‘Decommissioned’, and ‘Bastion Crumbles’shot on-site at Old Pinawa, Manitoba. In the early 20th century, residents constructed and operated the first hydroelectric plant of its kind, pioneers of hydroelectricity.

The Plan D exhibition is a reflection of that same spirit. There’s a great expression in French, I think it might be local. “Programme de D” is shorthand for “se débrouiller” meaning literally to de-fog one’s self. It translates to managing your own way out of a situation and getting your hind-tail in gear.

Which is exactly what Jordan Miller & company have accomplished with Plan D. Bravo.

Check it out! Plan D Art Exhibition & Sale runs until Tuesday, April 12 at 6pm. Gallery Hours are: Tuesday to Friday 12-6pm; Saturday 12-5pm.


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